Location of Haikou Banana Hostel

Haikou Banana Hostel is located in the North-East of Haikou City. We are on a large island called Haidian Dao (海甸岛).

We are located down an alley on Renmin Avenue (Chinese: Renmin Dadao 人民大道).

We are near to where Renmin Ave and San Lu (海甸三路) cross. On one corner of this crossing there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. On another corner is a purple China EverBright Bank.

Make sure you are on the same side of the road as the EverBright Bank. Stand outside the bank facing the entrance, then turn to your left. Walk a few metres and you will pass a row of restaurants on your right-hand side. Continue a few more metres and the next tall yellow building ground floor is a supermarket called Shixianli (食鲜里超市). In front of the supermarket is a bus stop. On the opposite side of the road there is a green China Post.

If facing the supermarket, Haikou Banana Hostel is down the alley on the left side. Go behind the supermarket, through the carpark and we are the second building on the left hand side.

Haikou hostel location map

Video of Directions To Banana

Youtube.com video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5AHZX4MYCc

Youku.com video (if you cannot access the youtube video) http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY4NzYxOTY4.html

Important information if you get a taxi:

Not all taxi drivers know about us, so it is often easier to ask for the Kentucky Fried Chicken (Chinese: KenDaJi) on Renmin Dadao in Haidian Dao. If you can speak some Chinese all you need to say is: Haidian Dao, Renmin Dadao, Ken Da Ji.

Another useful tip for dealing with taxi drivers is to give them the Haikou Banana Hostel reception telephone number: 0898 66286780. The taxi driver can then call the hostel to find directions. So make a note of this number.

Do not expect taxi drivers to be able to speak English!

Warning: We have heard about a taxi driver who will tell you that the Haikou Banana Hostel has closed. This is a lie. The taxi driver says this so he can take you to a different hotel where he can earn a commission. If a taxi driver says this to you do not believe him and either insist he takes you to the Banana hostel or find another taxi.

From Haikou (Meilan) airport (airport code HAK):

The Haikou Meilan airport website has some useful info in the transport section www.mlairport.com.

Haikou airport is around 40 minutes drive from the city centre and Haikou Banana Hostel. There are always many taxis waiting at the airport. Expect to pay about 70 RMB to get to the hostel. Make sure you bargain the price first, or you may end up paying too much. Public Bus from Haikou Airport:

Public buses stop opposite Gate 3 on F1 in the airport.

There are 2 buses to consider: K4 public bus or the Airport line 4 bus.

K4 Public Bus Info:

First and last bus: 6:30~21:30. Price: 6元.

Hotline:+86 898-66663066

Take bus K4 to get to Banana Hostel from the airport. Get off at Renmin Overbridge bus stop (Renmin Tianqiao 人民天桥). The hostel is about 5 minutes walk north from this bus stop.

  1. 银滩花园Silver Beach Garden
  2. 金海岸酒店Gold Coast Hotel
  3. 海南大学Hainan University
  4. 人民天桥 People’s Overbridge (Renmin Tianqiao)
  5. 钟楼Bell Tower
  6. 万绿园Evergreen Park
  7. 置地花园南门South gate of Zhi Di Garden
  8. 椰树集团Coconut Palm Group Co
  9. 海南师范大学Hainan Normal University
  10. 山高村口Shangao Village Crossing
  11. 凤翔山庄Fengxiang Villa
  12. 六合市场Liuhe Market
  13. 绿地城Greenland City
  14. 灵山中心小学Lingshan Central Primary School
  15. 美兰机场 Meilan Airport

Haikou bus k4 route

Haikou bus k4 Renmin tianqiao

Airport Bus Line 4 Info:

If you take airport bus line 4, you should get off at Hainan University East Gate. Banana Hostel is about 10 minutes walk from the East Gate.

Schedule: Hainan University:6:20-21:20,Interval: 60 minutes; Haikou Meilan International Airport: 8:20-23:20,Interval: 60 minutes.

Tickets: Adult: RMB 20 per person Child (under 1.2 meter in height): 10 Yuan per person Student (with student ID): 10 Yuan per person Soldier/the disabled (with Military Officer Certificate/ Certificate of Disability): 10 Yuan per person

Hotline:+86 13098988001

Routes and Stops:

From Sea Ports (for buses from mainland):

Xingang Port 15 RMB Taxi Xiuying Port 30 RMB Taxi

From Haikou West Train Station:

The train station is in the far west of the city, around 20km from the city centre.

You could take a taxi for around 40 RMB.

To get to the Hostel by bus first take the 37 from outside the train station to Haikou Bell Tower, then change to bus 20 to Renmin Dadao (Renmin road). Get off just after KFC and the hostel is on the opposite side of the road.

From Haikou East Station (High Speed Rail from Sanya or other parts of Hainan):

Bus: Get on buses 11, 23, or 44 at ‘Shāngāo cūnkǒu’ bus stop (山高村口站) on Fèngxiáng Road 凤翔路 (see map). Get off bus at ‘Jīnghǎi huāyuán’ bus stop (京海花园) on Rénmín Ave 人民大道.

Detailed directions: • Exit the Haikou East high speed train station. • Turn left (north) at the road in front of the station. • Walk about 100 metres north to the T junction. • Turn right (east) at the T junction to catch bus 44, heading east. • Or, Turn left (west) and cross over the road and catch bus 11 or 23, heading west. • Buses cost 1 RMB (put 1 RMB in slot next to driver).

Taxi: 25 RMB around 30 minutes.

Haikou train station map